About us

We provide great candidates who drive your success rate

Our Job

We help companies reach their talent objectives by transforming the way they think about the recruitment function. We've pinpointed the most experienced candidates for hard-to-fill positions and hired thousands of immediate needed employees within a short period of time.

Our Team

Our team of consultants is comprised of the best in the business — who always look forward and anticipate what’s best in the horizon. And to get the job done, we empower the teams not to settle for anything less than the higher excellence. These are teams that have projected success to our clients.

Our Philosophy

For our Clients, we aim to compliment an organisation's long-term strategic investment in its people. For our candidates, we work in partnership with them to help fulfil their career objectives. What we do is incredibly important.

Our relationship with our clients and candidates are key and are underpinned by our five values namely- Integrity, Respect, Collaboration, Empowerment & Responsibility that drive our business strategy and our relationships.

Our Recruitment Process


We will take the stress and time out of your recruitment by managing the process from beginning to end, so that you don’t have to. Our expert recruitment process takes 2-3 weeks; and uses a thorough and tailored approach to every individual project.


We shall advertise through www.tauheedagency.com and our database of more than 11,700 candidates seeking roles in the sustainability sector. In addition to this, the opportunity-specific advert is posted on the world's leading job portals such as www.naukri.com, www.monster.com and other job websites where applicable.

Short-listing CVs:

The CVs received by us against a suitable opportunity are scored and shortlisted by our recruitment consultants with reference to the selection criteria set out by our clients. The best CV's are then forwarded to the clients.

Short-listing by telephonic,video-conferencing interview:

Telephone interview questions are based on the essential selection criteria and are scored using a standardised scoring system. The formal interview venues are offered to the top scoring applicants. This gives us a great opportunity to get to know the real candidates behind the CVs and make decisions for the face-to-face interview.

Face-to-Face interview:

Interviews are held at our premises, where candidates after getting short listed will be invited to interviews with a member of our team, alongside at least one member of staff of client organisation, usually the line manager-HR Manager/Engineer of the concerned department. We will facilitate and organise the interview process and do as much or as little of the actual interviewing as per client's complete expectation and satisfaction.

Our Skills

Search ,Evaluate & Select