Overseas recruitment to Saudi Arabia - a note on compliance requirements.

As per the Indian laws, overseas Companies desiring to recruit Indian personnel need to issue the following documents in the name of the Indian Recruitment Agency (Tauheed Agency), duly signed and sealed. A Sample document is available below-
If the personnel required are any of the following categories, the below documents need attestation by any Indian mission in Saudi Arabia:

1. Labours or Helpers - any kind of category that includes the word عامل (like Agricultural labor, factory labor, cleaning labor, etc.)

2. Personal/household work employees (like Personal Driver, House boy, house maids).

3. All female categories.

Important Notes :

1. The Saudi Arabian Embassy in New Delhi will accept above documents for attestations only from Agencies approved by them -details of such Agencies are available with us.

2. Due to verifications and counter verifications at each stage of attestation by different governmental agencies, the process of attestation is very lengthy, and may take 2 to 3 months, or even more. Our clients are therefore advised to take this into consideration while finalizing travel schedules of their selected candidates.

Demand Letter

Demand Letter

Power of Attorney

Demand Letter